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Encouraging Sustainable Smallholder Agriculture in South Africa

This paper concentrates on the black smallholder farming sector. Also, this paper makes recommendations for reorganisation of extension services, farmer involvement in research, land reform, incentives for soil/water conservation, NGO involvement, community participation, training, coordination.

Policy objectives should include:

1. Resource Conserving Technologies: re-orientation away from large scale farmers, consideration of goals other than high input/output (risk management, labour input, gender). More participatory methods in areas such as soil conservation;

2. Sustaining local institutions: capacity building for farmers associations; partnership links between smallholder farmers and service providers;

3. Creating an Enabling Environment: increase in capacity and practical experience at all levels, especially for those smallholders benefiting from the land reform programme better access to input and marketing services; extension of credit to smallholders.

Noel Oettle, Saliem Fakir, Wilfred Wentzel, Steven Giddings, and Martin Whiteside

Environment and Development Consultancy Ltd (1998)

Resource Link: www.eldis.org/fulltext/rsa.pdf

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