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Terrorism Issue Guide

There has not been a terrorist attack on U.S. soil since the fall of 2001. Yet the possibility is ever-present and guides much of what we do as a society. The “war on terrorism” is no mere metaphor; it has led us to two all-too-real wars in less than two years. At home, we live with periodic “orange alerts” and checkpoints. While much has changed since Sept. 11, the “war on terrorism” debate boils down to a single theme: What are Americans willing to do? How much are we willing to spend in money, prestige, rights, lives? Public Agenda Issue Guides or 'Citizen Choicework Guides' contain background information on the topic and present three different approaches to the issue for people to deliberate.

Public Agenda

Resource Link: www.publicagenda.org/specials/terrorism/terror.htm

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