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Journal of Public Deliberation

Spearheaded by the Deliberative Democracy Consortium in collaboration with the International Association of Public Participation, the principal objective of Journal of Public Deliberation (JPD) is to synthesize the research, opinion, projects, experiments and experiences of academics and practitioners in the emerging multi-disciplinary field and political movement called by some “deliberative democracy.” By doing this, we hope to help improve future research endeavors in this field and aid in the transformation of modern representative democracy into a more citizen friendly form. The journal can be found here.

The JPD is designed mainly for academic researchers and field practitioners who require high quality theory, information and analysis of deliberative democracy phenomena. Articles are written by academic researchers and by those who practice various forms of public deliberation, and the hope is to encourage research and writing partnerships between both.

JPD’s peer reviewed research articles will be reviewed by two independent members of our Board of Editors plus the Chief coordinating editor. A consensus must be reached before such an article will be published. Sometimes a fourth editor might be called upon to make a final decision.

JPD’s peer reviewed research articles will also be classified into one of three different categories: (1) Frontier; (2) Advance; (3) Contribution. The peer reviewers will also have to agree as how each article should be so categorized. In general, a “Frontier” article must be considered to be at the cutting edge of the field in terms of extending its philosophical, theoretical and/or research horizons, parameters or paradigm. An article may be classified as an “advance” if it presents and/or executes a novel or innovative approach to the study of the field through its design or form adding a different dimension or greater validity to the accumulated information thus far. A “contribution” is a research article that adds to the store of knowledge already accumulated in the field through other related research and writing. It must be systematic, rigorous and objective.

International Journal for Public Participation (2007 – 2010) merged with the Journal for Public Deliberation as a joint venture between DDC and IAP2 in November 2010.

To stay updated on JPD articles, sign up at: http://services.bepress.com/jpd/announcements.html

Resource Link: www.publicdeliberation.net/jpd/

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