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Silencing the Guns in Haiti: The Promise of Deliberative Democracy

This persuasive and interesting book is not purely a scholarly endeavor. In addition to his visible academic expertise, Irwin Stotzky is an ardent advocate for democracy and human rights. He has actively collaborated with the Haitian people in the United States by providing legal advice to refugees and immigrants. During the exile period and later, when democracy was restored, Stotzky became a close adviser to Haitian presidents Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Rene Preval. Silencing the Guns in Haiti traces Haiti's halting and uncertain quest for democracy from the perspective of someone who played a leading part in every stage of that process.

Irwin Stotzky

The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, USA (1997)

Geographic Focus: Haiti

Resource Link: www.press.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/hfs.cgi/00/13401.ctl

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