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Deliberative Democracy in Australia: The Changing Place of Parliament

Parliament is central to the democratic claims of Australia's system of governance. This book evaluates the role and performance of parliament. It explores the institutional design of the parliament, and its principles and practices, presenting a compelling case for reform. Uhr discusses parliament's representative and legislative roles, and the issue of accountability. He looks at the place of representative assemblies in liberal political theory and assesses current institutional performance. He argues that republicanism can be seen as a form of deliberative democracy, examining ways in which such democracy might be made more effective and meaningful in Australia.

Combining an authoritative knowledge of political theory with a familiarity with the inner-workings of the Australian parliament, the author makes an important contribution to debates in Australia and internationally.

John Uhr

Cambridge University Press, New York (1998)

Geographic Focus: Australia

Resource Link: www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521624584

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