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Power to the Edges: Trends and Opportunities in Online Civic Engagement

This 43-page report is a snapshot of the current state of online democracy in the age of connectivity brought about by the Internet and other digital information technologies. The implications for nonprofit organizations are significant and challenging. The authors urge nonprofits and the funders who support them to integrate online and offline activities, leverage and strengthen networks of activists and brandish a new set of leadership skills that are facilitative and inclusive.

In preparing this report, the authors conducted a review of relevant literature, monitored current online discussions on related topics, and conducted in-depth interviews with leaders in the fields of online technologies, nonprofit capacity building, citizen engagement and social networks. This effort is intended to be a snapshot in time, not the ultimate guide, and to serve as a jumping off point for further discussions to occur online about how these tools and the culture of online civic engagement can be further developed and scaled for broader, deeper and more lasting citizen action.

Jillaine Smith, Martin Kearns and Allison Fine

The E-Volve Foundation and Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (2005)

Resource Link: www.pacefunders.org/pdf/05.06.05%20Final%20Version%201.0.pdf

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