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Center for Restorative Practice

The purpose of the Center for Restorative Practice is to develop, implement and study collaborative and restorative processes for use by families, communities and organizations in the service of social justice.

Check out the Center for Restorative Practice's blog, which features "news, views, and armchair musings from the front lines" of family conferencing, restorative justice, wraparound, and social justice, at http://restorativepractice.org/blog/. The blog is authored by Cindy L. Myers, PhD. Dr. Myers is a scholar and practitioner of organizational development, policy analysis and collaborative process development. "All of which is a bunch of blahblahblah that means she's really good at group and team-based stuff, knows what she's doing and does it with an eye toward correcting social inequities."

Resource Link: www.restorativepractice.org

Cindy L. Myers, PhD, Executive Director



70 Skyview Terrace

San Rafael



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