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Dotmocracy is a method for collecting and prioritizing ideas among a large number of people. It is an equal opportunity and participatory group decision-making process. Participants write down ideas and apply dots next to each idea to show which ones they prefer. The final result is a graph-like visual representation of the group's collective preferences.

The Dotmocracy process helps groups to…

  • Recognize priorities and direction from rank-and-file members.
  • Engage and empower a diverse membership.
  • Give a voice to even the quietest of members.
  • Recognize and celebrate shared values.
  • Focus on solutions while avoiding traditional power dynamics.
  • Provide fully documented results that can be easily translated into action plans.
  • Garner friendly discussions while efficiently leading to practical conclusions.

The process is fun and takes only minutes to learn and apply. To start using dotmocracy you first need to download and print out a blank dotmocracy sheet and then read the handbook.

Resource Link: dotmocracy.ca/

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