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Search for Common Ground USA

The mission of Search for Common Ground-USA is to foster cooperation among people who have different views on how to achieve social progress and to encourage the use of cooperative approaches as a first option for addressing differences. We bring diverse stakeholders together to build consensus solutions to specific, important issues at the national, state and local levels; and we build institutions that foster cooperation and consensus-building over time.

Active programs as of May 2011:

Common Ground Youth Coalition
The CGYC, a work in progress, is a growing network of diverse young leaders and youth organizations who wish to overcome age-old cultural and political obstacles to better address youth issues.  It convenes people working across the ideological spectrum, from both partisan and non-partisan groups, to have dialogue and forge partnerships.  It works to develop trans-partisan solutions to top youth issues, such as access to education, juvenile justice reform, youth homelessness, and more.

The Common Ground Philanthropy Project We are taking our mission into the world of philanthropy and having a significant impact on the decision-making processes and the decision-makers. Can donors and their institutions collaborate more effectively? Can wealth-holders develop a culture of crossing social and cultural barriers to improve their giving?

The “One America” Project
What would it take to heal the wounds of racism in the US? The One America Project will provide a comprehensive umbrella for racial healing nationwide. Search USA will connect practitioners through trainings, gatherings, and media to build the momentum necessary to create a national racial equity/healing movement. We will help mobilize racial healing by providing training to leaders, organizing national gatherings, catalyzing constructive dialogues, highlighting existing efforts, and plugging local organizations and their constituencies into our national online network.

Search for Common Ground on Marriage and Legal Recognition of Same-Gender Couples
Over the course of one year, Search for Common Ground will convene a diverse group of 25 key stakeholders in the national debate surrounding traditional marriage and legal recognition of same-gender couples.  The conversations will be carefully facilitated to develop consensus, build trust, and find common ground for policy impact.  The process will also cultivate partnerships between non-traditional allies.  The goal is to transform the national debate surrounding these issues and foster collaboration.

Resource Link: www.sfcg.org/programmes/us/programmes_us.html

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