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Understanding GID (Gender Identity Disorder): A Guide for Friends and Family

Every effort has been made to insure that this brochure, which was written by a transgendered person, is factually correct. It may be duplicated and distributed without license or fees as a public service or for private use. This is a printable 3-panel brochure for friends and family members of people struggling with their gender identify. The brochure helps explain what GID is (and defines Drag Kings/Queens, Transsexuals, etc.), how common it is, and what a friend or family member can do to help support a person who is struggling with their gender identity.

As an example, in response to the question, "Are they mentally ill?", the brochure states "Your friend or family member with GID isn't insane! Because GID is a misunderstood, and socially unaccepted condition, it carries with it related psychological problems like guilt, shame, anxiety, paranoia, fear, and often a severe depression. These problems stem from SOCIAL non acceptance, or perceived non acceptance. These psychological problems do not originate from a source within the person, but originate from prejudice (or believed prejudice) from others."


Resource Link: www.ncdd.org/exchange/files/docs/understanding_gid.PDF

We are indebted to Sivagami (Shiva) Subbaraman of the Office of Human Relations Programs (www.ohrp.umd.edu/WE/) and the Office of LGBT Equity at the University of Maryland, for compiling this and other great LGBT resources for the NCDD website. LGBT is short for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

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