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Mediators Without Borders

Mediators Without Borders brings together experienced mediators to collaborate and participate in mitigating violent conflict and organizing alternative approaches to expressing, acknowledging, and addressing political, economic, social, ethnic, and religious differences. By fostering collaborative initiatives in partnership with local efforts, Mediators Without Borders assists in building and sustaining local capacity in ways that encourage forgiveness and reconciliation and integrate peace with justice.

We have learned that deeply entrenched political conflicts can be resolved, transformed, and transcended through culturally adaptable conflict resolution approaches that integrate prejudice reduction, group facilitation, public dialogue, collaborative negotiation, mediation, arbitration, community building, and similar technologies. Simultaneously, we need to form local intervention teams, develop indigenous conflict resolvers, increase local institutional conflict resolution capacity, and train trainers skilled in each of these strategies.

Conflict resolution professionals of all stripes and experience levels are welcome. Those who do not meet minimal training requirements or other qualifications may join as a Supporter; make a contribution; and offer cultural information, collaborative partner contacts, project ideas, and other expertise. Those who work in other fields but support MWB’s goals are also welcome to contribute in those ways.

Projects (from the MWB website 3/29/07):

Mediators Without Borders is in the initial stages of exploring peace building initiatives in number of countries including Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Malawi, Morocco, Nepal, Uganda and Rwanda.

In the United States, MWB is in the process of creating initiatives to assist refugees in relocating from U.N. Refugee camps to several communities. These programs focus on facilitating dialogue, cooperation and coordination among professionals and the communities they serve, to achieve best practice models for the delivery of culturally competent health care, education, and to promote social integration.

What financial contribution is required of Members?

Mediator Members must contribute a minimum of $1.00 per day for an annual total of $365.00. Members may contribute at a higher rate to more effectively advance the work of MWB. Student Supporters, including members of charterd student chapters, must contribute a minimum of 5 cents per day for an annual total of $18.25.

All contributions whether as dues or donation, carry with them the satisfaction of being part of a new and important initiative to reduce conflict and violence in our world. Your contribution will help make MWB’s vision of partnering with communities, NGO’s and other organizations for the purpose of creating and enhancing peace building capacity a reality.

What is the typical time a mediator works on a specific project?

We ask that a mediator member commit to the life of the project. We expect that this will mean spending 1 to 2 weeks each year in the project country, as well as planning and coordinating time from home. MWB is committed to building sustainable peace building capacity in communities, and is therefore interested in finding members who can return to projects over a period of years.

You can also check out the Mediators Without Borders blog at www.mwoborders.blogspot.com.

Resource Link: http://mediatorswithoutborders.org

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