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Intergroup Dialogue in Higher Education: Meaningful Learning About Social Justice

This volume outlines the theory, practice, and research on intergroup dialogue. It also offers educational resources to support the practice of intergroup dialogue. Addressing faculty, administrators, student affairs personnel, students, and practitioners, this volume is a useful resource for anyone implementing intergroup dialogues in higher education.

Intergroup dialogue promotes student engagement across cultural and social divides on college campuses through a face-to-face, interactive, and facilitated learning experience that brings together twelve to eighteen students from two or more social identity groups over a sustained period of time. Students in intergroup dialogue explore commonalities and differences; examine the nature and impact of discrimination, power, and privilege; and find ways of working together toward greater inclusion, equality, and social justice.

About the Authors

XIMENA ZÚÑIGA is an associate professor affiliated with the justice education concentration in the Department of Student Development and Pupil Personnel Services, School of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

BIREN (RATNESH) A. NAGDA is associate professor of social work and director of the Intergroup Dialogue, Education and Action
(IDEA) Center at the University of Washington.

MARK CHESLER is a professor of sociology at the University of Michigan and executive director of Community Resources Ltd. in Ann Arbor.

ADENA CYTRON-WALKER is a practitioner of intergroup dialogue and has actively contributed to the development of this practice over the past eight years.

Ximena Z

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