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Mapping Dialogue: A research project profiling dialogue tools and processes for social change

This research project was commissioned by GTZ as part of their supporting the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) to explore ways in which dialogue can be used to address social challenges in South Africa. During and since South Africa’s transition to democracy, Nelson Mandela has exhibited a formidable ability to forgive and suspend judgment, along with an awareness of the importance of listening to all sides. Pioneers of Change was asked in this context to map out a variety of approaches, and to provide an overview, case examples and commentary on each.

The document (2006) contains a section on Foundations for a Dialogue Process (purpose and principles, strategic questions, participation, structure, facilitator, space). Tools covered in depth include Appreciative Inquiry, Change Lab, Circle, Deep Democracy, Future Search, the Israeli-Palestinian School for Peace, Open Space Technology, Scenario Planning, Sustained Dialogue and World Cafe.

Pioneers of Change hopes this material will be useful not only to NMF but to anyone who shares their questions and their desire to improve the quality of human conversations.

German Technical Co-Operation (GTZ) and Pioneers of Change. Johannesburg, South Africa (2006).

Resource Link: www.pioneersofchange.net/library/dialogue/Dialogue%20Project%20V%202.0c.pdf

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