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Dalar International Consultancy

Dalar International Consultancy, Inc. offers a holistic approach to leadership development and organizational development that achieves results that some call miraculous. We offer consulting, coaching/mentoring, and meeting facilitation services to those who wish to work with us, always customized to the unique needs of the client, and yet always within a holistic perspective that works with four levels of consciousness: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical consciousness.

Using a holistic approach to business success, we assist leaders and organizations to achieve greater success while simultaneously assisting them to become a company of choice for employees to work with and commit themselves to. We do this work guided by our values, beliefs, and strategies.

Dalar International Consultancy developed the Genuine ContactTM Program, an organizational operating system that builds the capacity of individuals and organizations to navigate change. We work with the Genuine Contact Program as the foundation of all of our work and lead annual workshops to teach leaders, managers, and consultants how to work with the individual components of the program.

Our clients have included all types and sizes of organizations that are striving for excellence and effectiveness that is sustainable and renewable. Our clients come from the private sector, government services, institutions of higher education, agencies involved in international development work, health care services, social services, churches and their governing bodies, associations, and inventors of new technologies for a better world. Sometimes we work only with the CEO or formal leader or entrepreneur, the leadership team, a single manager or management team. At other times, we work with the whole organization.

Our clients want to be successful. Our clients are organizations, executives, and consultants who strive for positive, productive development to achieve organizational effectiveness. Some of our clients seek us out because they are already experiencing success and seek assistance to achieve ongoing and increasing levels of success. Others are dissatisfied with the current effectiveness of their organizations and seek us out because they believe our holistic approach will assist them achieve the success they are capable of.

Our Team

Birgitt Williams works internationally with leaders and organizations as a mentor, facilitator, teacher, healer and workshop leader. Birgitt's internationally acclaimed work for more than a decade has the health and balance of both the organization and the individual as her primary focus. She has a number of published articles and book chapters including her most recent contribution in The Change Handbook: The Definitive Resource on Today's Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems (Berrett-Koehler, 2007).

Ward Williams works internationally with leaders and businesses as a consultant, coach, advisor, and workshop leader. Ward is best known for his work with leaders and businesses that specialize in new technologies for a healthier planet and healthier people. Ward provides consulting services to assist the inventors and business owners of these new technologies to successfully enter the marketplace.

Trainings Offered by Dalar International Consultancy

Dalar International Consultancy provides 25% discounts to paid NCDD members on all public Genuine ContactTM Program workshops offered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Look over their upcoming workshops at http://thataway.org/index.php/?page_id=785 or learn how to join NCDD as a paid member at http://thataway.org/index.php/?page_id=838.

What is the Genuine ContactTM Program?

The missing link for most organizations in the move to optimal organizational effectiveness is in the very foundation or "operating system" of the organization. The Genuine Contact Program provides the opportunity for leaders, executives and manager to assist their organizations to heal and to increase individual and organizational capacity, competency and capability in achieving optimal performance.

The Genuine Contact Program provides a holistic approach to business success. The holistic approach offers the opportunity for organizations of all kinds to achieve collective direction and movement inspired by their creative energy towards increased success.

Genuine Contact Program training includes three Foundational Workshops and five Advanced Skill Development Workshops. Workshops can be taken individually to provide the skill, capacity, and competency development you are currently seeking, or you can commit to your personal and professional development by taking the entire series.

Foundational Workshops

Path to Organizational Health and Balance
Join us for this half-day interactive workshop and explore the state of health of your organization from a holistic organizational growth perspective and develop your own perception toward achieving and maintaining a healthy organization in these rapidly changing times.

Achieving and Sustaining Organizational Health and Balance
Building on the learnings from the Path to Organizational Health and Balance workshop, you will learn diagnose the state of health and balance of your organization and to restore it so that your organization can thrive in these rapidly changing times. You will learn the importance of balancing, cleansing, and nourishing in a way similar to the holistic approach to the health of the human body.

Individual Health and Balance for Leaders, Managers and Facilitators
Those who support change in organizations are deeply affected by assisting with change processes. The individual, whether a leader, HR or OD specialist, or a consultant/facilitator, needs to build a solid personal foundation for optimal personal health and balance. He/she needs to maintain the capacity to assist with the needs of the organization. He/she needs to attain and maintain optimal personal health and balance with its accompanying self awareness to maintain a mentoring role so that the system can continue to access its own wisdom and drive its change from within. This 4-day workshop addresses emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and provides opportunities for you to explore the state of your health and how to maintain a state of optimal health even in highly stressful situations.

Advanced Skill Development Workshops

• Working with Open Space Technology
Learn how to facilitate Open Space Technology (OST) meetings in this highly experiential 4-day workshop and lead meetings that produce the results that you are after. Teams will emerge, communication will improve, and staff morale and staff health will improve through the use of OST and all of this will affect your bottom line.

Open Space Technology, as taught within the Genuine Contact Program, involves careful pre-meeting planning to ensure that maximum benefit comes from the use of this method. The workshop will provide you with an OST experience, skills to facilitate OST meetings, and simple tools and frameworks to guide pre-meeting planning.

Whole Person Process Facilitation
Join us for a 3-day participatory workshop in which you will learn how to facilitate Whole Person Process Facilitated meetings that are effective, efficient, and produce the results that you are after. Teams will emerge, communication will improve, and staff morale and staff health will improve. All of this will affect your bottom line.

Whole Person Process Facilitation techniques tap into the potential of the individuals in your organization as well as into the potential of the organization through a process facilitation technique that stimulates whole brain learning and engagement.

Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
We invite you to a 2-day interactive workshop to learn simple and highly effective methods for working with people in situations of conflict. The workshop focuses on the readiness of the facilitator to work with situations of conflict with groups. The personal preparation of the facilitator is essential. The workshop provides guidance in personal preparation as well as providing the facilitator with skills and a framework for conflict resolution. This framework for conflict resolution in groups is based on universal cross-cultural practices for conflict resolution.

Conscious Open Space Organization
Organizations today do better when they increase their capacity to navigate with change and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. They do better when they can tap into the wisdom of all of the people involved to find the best solutions. We invite you to this 4-day workshop to learn how to develop an "operating system" for your organization that sustains and regenerates growth and exceptional performance by learning to work with change through strategic focus, capacity development, and sustainability of organizational health.

Train the Trainer
We invite you to our "train the trainer" workshop to become authorized to teach all of the components of Genuine Contact Program. Join a growing number of colleagues internationally who are working with the Genuine Contact program, enabling organizations to be healthy and balanced. This 7 day workshop includes 3½ days in Open Space with other Authorized Genuine Contact Trainers as you explore the development of the Program.

Registration Details

Dalar International Consultancy offers Genuine ContactTM Program workshops annually in Raleigh, North Carolina. For further details and registration information visit http://www.dalarinternational.com/genuine_contact_workshops.html. If you are a paid member of NCDD, please indicate you are an NCDD member at the time of registration. Discount will be included in your registration invoice and cannot be used in combination with any other special offer.

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