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Fielding Graduate Institute – Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement Certificate Program

In 2004, Fielding Graduate Institute, in collaboration with The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue (IISD) and the Kettering Foundation, launched this unique 16-week graduate level Certificate Program. The program strives for the development of “virtuosity” in our practice of dialogue and deliberation. “Virtuosity is what results when people follow their passions to know something well and to perform skillfully. It combines at least three things: (a) a 'passion' for what you are doing; (b) an ability to make [clear] distinctions and (c) the ability to engage in skilled performance.' We have designed the course to enhance participants' abilities to engage in skilled performance.

The uniqueness of the program is its attention to a continuum of dialogue AND deliberation approaches with its emphasis on "virtuosity" through:

  • Learning to diagnose situations and make distinctions among various ways of working through a review of several approaches to Dialogue and Deliberation, their common elements and skills; providing a vocabulary for distinguishing among them; and practice with diagnostic tools;
  • The development of other skills relevant to dialogue and deliberation (strategic design, naming and framing, facilitation and moderation skills).
  • A strong commitment to reflective practice, using the findings of scholarship with our practice to understand ourselves and the larger systems in which we work.

To help participants develop toward this virtuosity, the program uses a scholar-practitioner model of reflective practice. An exceptional faculty of scholar-practitioners, who do real world work in diverse contexts and cultures, will support you. You will have the opportunity to enhance your learning in a capstone project coached by this faculty.

We invite those of you who share an enthusiasm for this work to join us. Our program will help you develop the ability to make clear distinctions (using the diagnostic tools and review of methods described above), and you will have the opportunity to develop your ability to engage in skilled performance.
International Partnership This program is offered jointly by Fielding Graduate University and the University of Sydney, Australia. This partnership provides the opportunity for participants from different countries to interact and adds an important international dimension to the learning. Participants are welcome to attend workshops in either country. The program was developed in collaboration with the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, the Kettering Foundation and the Public Dialogue Consortium.

Blended Learning: Face-to-Face, Online and Phone Dialogues

The program consists of 10 modules and a capstone project. Two modules are in face-to-face sessions and eight modules are completed online, interspersed with phone dialogues with faculty and guest scholar-practitioners. We will use different learning modalities that will give you first hand experience with dialogue and deliberation approaches.

Core Faculty

Dr. Hal Saunders
Dr. Barnett Pearce
Dr. Phil Stewart
Dr. Jan Elliott
Dr. Lyn Carson

Collaborating Faculty

Dr. Keith Melville
Dr. John Dedrick

Tuition, Registration and Information

Tuition for the 2007 program is USD $2,995 (AUD$2,880 Australian and New Zealand students only). Note: paid NCDD members receive a 10% discount on the 2007 tuition.

Resource Link: www.fielding.edu/hod/ce/dialog/index.html


Fielding Graduate University, 2112 Santa Barbara Street

Santa Barbara



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