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Deliberation and Your Community: How to Convene and Moderate Local Public Forums Using Deliberative Decision-Making (training manual)

This 86-page National Issues Forums training manual is a compilation of materials used by a number of people throughout the National Issues Forums network to train others in deliberative decision-making and NIF moderation. It addresses deliberation as another way to decide and is based on how to use local public forums, especially National Issues Forums, as a venue for deliberation. The author encourages you to adapt the manual to meet your own group’s training needs.

The manual was created by Sandra S. Hodge, Ph.D., Extension Associate Professor and Program Director, Discovering Common Ground: Missouri Communities Deliberate.


Section 1 – Understanding and Using Deliberation

Why Deliberation?
Debate, Dialog and Deliberation
Characteristics of Debate, Dialogue and Deliberation
National Issues Forums
Coming to Public Judgment

Section 2 – The Issue Book

Why use an Issue Book?
Constructing an Issue Book: Why and How
The Choice Grid
Looking at the Choice Framework

Section 3 – Getting Started

Planning the Forum
Getting started
Checklist for Convening A Forum
Moderators, Recorders, Observers
Identifying Resources
Advance Publicity
Sample Press Release for Marketing your Forum
Sample Invitation Letter 1
Sample Invitation Letter 2
Sample Invitation Letter 3
Who Should Come to the Forum?

Section 4 – The Forum

Structure of a forum
Basic Principles of Moderating
Preparing to Moderate
Moderator Guidelines
Handling Moderator Challenges
Reviewing the Opening of a Forum
Operating Principles for Participants
Strategies to Promote Dialogue/Deliberation
Questions to Prompt Deliberation

You can also check out these three PowerPoint presentations recommended as training resources on the University Outreach and Extension site:

Resource Link: http://studylib.net/doc/15443242/how-to-convene-and-moderate-local-public-forums-using-del…

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