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Cultural Perspectives in Civic Dialogue

This 106-page book illuminates how cultural norms mediate public space and how choices regarding art forms can support or discourage civic participation of various cultural groups.

– The King Kamehameha I Statue Conservation (Hawai’i Alliance for Arts Education) deepened understanding of the links between cultural identity, heritage preservation, and current issues of land and economic development.

– African in Maine (Center for Cultural Exchange) supported three immigrant and refugee communities in their own cultural programming interests to reveal the diversity and conflicts within and across divided African communities, as well as between Africans and the wider community of “Mainers.”

– The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center’s Arte es Vida program addresses issues of cultural equity and democracy related to San Antonio’s Chicano and Mexicano communities through a process of cultural grounding.

Americans for the Arts’ Animating Democracy Initiative (2005)

Resource Link: ww2.americansforthearts.org/vango/core/orders/product.aspx?catid=2&prodid=206

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