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Innovative Techniques to Engage the Community

This phenomenal 36-page handout was distributed at Janette Hartz-Karp’s workshop (“Breakthrough Initiatives in Governing with the People: The Australian Experience”) at the 2004 NCDD Conference in Denver, Colorado. It provides detailed information about a variety of community engagement techniques, including citizens jury, consensus conference, future search, charrette, consensus forum, multi criteria analysis conference, local area forum, people’s panel, deliberative poll/survey, televote/telesurvey, and e-democracy. Under each method are details about why, when and how they are used, as well as a useful how-to flowchart.

Janette also distributed a worksheet for practitioners/convenors to use when selecting techniques. The worksheet included space to address the following questions:

  • Consultation Issue (Briefly outline the issue that would benefit from consultation / engagement)
  • Intent / Purpose of Consultation (Explain what you want to achieve by consulting / engaging with the community)
  • Stakeholders (List who needs to be involved)
  • Which technique(s) would be useful? (H = Highly useful, M = of Medium use, L = of Little use)
  • Why would the technique be useful? (Explain how the preferred technique would achieve the intent / purpose)
  • How can you get started? (List what you will need to do to get going)

Janette Hartz-Karp, Ph.D., 2004

Resource Link: www.ncdd.org/exchange/files/docs/Hartz-Karp-TechniquesManual.doc

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