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Guidebook for the 2004 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

The 2004 conference guidebook is available for download in PDF format. It includes a complete schedule of events, lists all the conference sessions, workshops and post-conference trainings, along with information about the location and arts programming at the conference. The guidebook provides an excellent look at the structure of the conference.

Resource Link: www.ncdd.org/files/events/2004/NCDD_2004_guidebook.pdf

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  1. John Spady Says:

    Sandy, the resource link on this page appears to be broken. Can you please check it again?
    Also, where is the guidebook for the first NCDD conference in 2002?
    John Spady

  2. Andy Fluke Says:

    Thanks John! As for the guidebook for 2002, that was turned into the original NCDD website, no digital version was ever created because it was so large.