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Reinventing Change Management blog

Slim Lambert has created a blog on Reinventing Change Management. Lambert has implemented numerous change management programs in global international companies focused on changes such as collaborative corporate cultures, delivering the people side of re-organisations and using talent management practices to empower people to develop their talents. This blog is about sharing ways to build refreshing change management processes. That is, Resistance free, Empowering, Fair, Result focused, Event based, Solution focused, High speed, Involving, Non-disruptive of delivery, and Guided by the people. In other words, a process that is fast, fair, empowering and collaborative. It is a way to address the fact that the current 80% failure rate of change management processes is not acceptable anymore because change management has become too important. It is about new, radically different ways of designing and driving a change management process. Slim Lambert can be reached at slimlambert@gmail.com.

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