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The CIVICUS Participatory Governance Programme (PGP), a subset of the World Alliance for Citizen Participation, hosts a global virtual platform for knowledge development, sharing and learning on participatory governance. The PG Exchange, at www.pgexchange.org, offers free access to resources covering a wide range of participatory governance practices and tools that aim to promote active citizenship and more transparent, responsive, accountable and effective governance at both the local and national level.

The PG Exchange toolkit currently contains “how to” operational information on over 30 participatory governance tools and methods. Most of the tool descriptions have been prepared by pioneering practitioners themselves and include brief case study descriptions of practical experiences. The tools are organized under nine categories covering the whole governance cycle, including: Public Access to Information; Civic Education and Deliberation; Advocacy and Expression of Citizen’s Voice; Public Dialogue; Electoral Transparency and Accountability; Public Policy and Planning Processes; Public Budgets and Expenditures; Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Services; and Public Oversight.

Among others, these categories capture a range of so-called “social accountability” practices – approaches and tools such as Independent Budget Analysis, Social Audits, Community Scorecards, Participatory Expenditure Tracking and Citizen Oversight Committees. The toolkit also includes resources such as  Access to Information Monitoring, 21st Century Town Meetings, and Multi Stakeholder Dialogue. The tools are presented in a user-friendly format giving a concise description of the methodology, an assessment of the benefits, lessons learned, and challenges, followed by a listing of relevant informational and organizational resources and case studies.

The site also offers a global virtual Community of Practice, where practitioners (49 as of July 7, 2010) can share information, ask questions, seek resources and participate in online discussion groups.

The site also includes an online global calendar of participatory governance events.

Resource Link: www.pgexchange.org

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