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World Conversations

World Conversations bring travelers, visitors and locals together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world. These Breakfast Conversations, initiated at San Francisco's Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast and modeled after the Conversation Cafe process, enjoy a popularity which has spread across the continent and around the world. Each informal Breakfast Conversation (4 to 9 people at a table) has a broad theme (local community, global citizenship, travel insights, environment, etc.), and the dialogue involves both round robin and popcorn-style conversation. World Conversations are also held at appointed times in many hotels and cafes; any place where travelers and locals gather.

B&B's feel more friendly and intimate when they encourage their guests (and staff) to converse together about things that matter. Strangers soon become friends.

Red Vic conversationalists usually include traveler-guests and members of the local community. Drop-ins are also welcome. Participants serve themselves food, coffee, tea etc. which they bring to the table. A volunteer timekeeper (usually one hour) and a coffee replenisher are chosen by the group.

The conversation opens by participants, in turn, telling their names and where they are from, and sharing what is in their hearts and on their minds regarding the theme. Next round they go a little deeper on the theme. From there, the conversation takes off spontaneously and even when it is formally ended, people often linger. Breakfast time scheduling offers opportunity for friendships made over conversation to continue in later hours and days.

When you travel ask your hosts if they offer a World Conversation or volunteer to start one for them; they can also be run in a bed & breakfast, a university, café, library or other public place when you return home.

World Conversations are part of a movement to restore the lost art of conversation. They have become so popular they are known by a number of other names: Peace Salons, Peace Conversations, Conversation Cafés, World Cafés, Peace Cafés, Breakfast Conversations, and Global Conversations.

Conversation Cafes are hosted discussions in public places that use the same minimal set of agreements and a simple process to create a shift from small talk to BIG talk.

Resource Link: www.worldconversations.org

Sami Sunchild


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