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Dotmocracy Handbook

NCDD member Jason Diceman, a Senior Public Consultation Coordinator with the City of Toronto, released a new version of his Dotmocracy Handbook: A simple tool to help large groups find agreement in August 2010.

The Dotmocracy Handbook provides a unique set of easy-to-follow instructions for finding useful agreements among many people. At its core is the deceptively simple Dotmocracy sheet, which is a paper based facilitation tool designed to provide participants with equal opportunity to contribute to a reliable and transparent large group decision-making process.

C2D2’s Rob Janousek says this about the handbook:Handbook image

An ingenious framework for participatory groups. Jason Diceman outlines the use of a very valuable tool for group based decision making in the Dotmocracy Handbook. This approach is a great way to ensure that amongst a large, heterogeneous group of stakeholders, everyone has an opportunity to express ideas and propose solutions on equal footing.

You can download a free PDF of the complete handbook at: www.dotmocracy.org/handbook

In August 2010, Jason offered members of NCDD a 25% discount on orders of printed versions of the book.

With its glossy cover, standard book binding and higher resolution photos, the print version of the handbook is ideal for educational institutions, professional learning and impressing clients.

To order print copies…

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