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Talking for a Change: A Distributed Dialogue Approach to Complex Issues

Involve‘s 2010 report “Talking for a Change” provides new thinking for policy makers about how citizen engagement and dialogue can inform and strengthen more traditional forms of decision-making. In doing so it highlights how active engagement of citizens can revitalize our democracy and help tackle some of the biggest issues facing democracies in the 21st century.

They suggest that the most obvious of these big issues are climate change and the aging society and set out a ‘typology of issues’ and make the case for why the most complex, distributed and large scale issues require a radical new approach.

The 80-page report also discusses developments in dialogue, setting out how engagement has been used across the three types of issues. The authors present the rationale for why and how public engagement and dialogue needs to adapt to meet new challenges.

The report is available online at: www.involve.org.uk/talking-for-a-change

U.K.-based Involve are public participation specialists; bringing institutions, communities and citizens together to accelerate innovation, understanding discussion and change. Involve makes a practical difference by delivering the highest quality public participation processes possible as well as undertaking rigorous research and policy analysis into what works. Involve is a registered charity providing advice, training, research, events and networking services to organisations and individuals interested in public participation.

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