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Peacebuilding Approaches Catalogue

Global Peacebuilders (globalpeacebuilders.org), an international network of conflict resolution, conflict transformation and peacebuilding initiatives, has made their Peacebuilding Approaches Catalogue freely available to visitors to their website. The catalogue is “a brief glimpse of the peacebuilding activity currently taking place, and offers an insight into just some of the many important approaches to peacebuilding currently being implemented locally and worldwide, at a grassroots, community, national or international level.” Also available as a full-color glossy catalogue (to order email sarah@globalpeacebuilders.org), which describes 18 approaches from the fields of conflict resolution, conflict transformation and peacebuilding around the world.

from their website

In late 2007, we made an open call to individuals and organisations involved in creating the conditions for sustainable peace in their communities to tell us of their approaches to peacebuilding. We wanted to create a publication that might offer peacebuilders working in areas of conflict across the world an opportunity to learn and inform their own work, building up their international networks along the way. We brought together a selection panel of experienced peacebuilders working in Northern Ireland to consider each of the submissions we received, and to select 18 for publication.

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