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Facing the Challenges of Climate Change Choicework guide

As both the leading producer of greenhouse gas emissions and the world’s most powerful country, the United States has a special responsibility to lead the way in the search for solutions. Fortunately, we have a long tradition of solving big problems and meeting new challenges. It is high time for the American spirit of innovation to be put to work on meeting the challenges of climate change. This Public Agenda Choicework guide explores the question: Where do we start?

Based on decades of research and experience concerning how average citizens think and talk about issues, Public Agenda’s Choicework Discussion Starters are designed to help groups and communities talk productively about public problems. Public Agenda’s Choicework guides and Discussion Starters outline several different approaches to solving specific public policy problems, along with the pros, cons and trade-offs of each choice. They use everyday language, not professional jargon, and focus on the kinds of concerns and values that non-experts can readily understand.

Resource Link: http://publicagenda.org/files/pdf/globalwarming_guide.pdf

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