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Possibilities for Transformational Conferences

Possibilities for Transformational Conferences is an 8-page primer on how to plan events for 50 or more people that are interactive, engaging, and generally fabulous. Author Tree Bressen (with Debby Sugarman and Sunrise Facilitation) briefly introduces techniques for making events more participatory and engaging, including Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, fishbowls, “speed dating,” storytelling, and more. Download at http://treegroup.info/topics/Transformational_Conferences.pdf.

About Tree Bressen
From her home in Eugene, Oregon, Tree Bressen consults with a wide variety of organizations on how to have meetings that are lively, productive, and connecting. She supports groups in putting their ideals into action, and is available for visioning, retreat facilitation, strategic planning, and conflict resolution, as well as event planning. Tree teaches highly interactive workshops on consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation, and related subjects. She works on a gift economy basis, and her website www.treegroup.info offers extensive free articles and resources.

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  1. NCDD Community News Blog » Tips for Creating More Engaging Events Says:

    […] If this topic interests you, be sure to also check out Tree Bressen‘s great 8-page primer Possibilities for Transformational Conferences. […]