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People & Participation is based on the U.K.-based organization Involve’s successful 2005 book by the same name. The book provides a useful summary of participatory methods and practice but given the number of methods and speed of the development of new methods it is impossible for a printed publication to stay accurate for long. The reason for transferring People & Participation to the web is to allow us to maintain more, and more up-to-date information about participation. It also allows site users to add their knowledge and experience making the site a truly collaborative experience, something that a book simply cannot do.

The site aims to be a central portal for information and inspiration about participation to practitioners across the world. We believe that the methods and principles we promote through these sites will be of use to people in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Whilst much of the information is written for a British audience many of the principles are still relevant to people outside the UK.

Resource Link: www.peopleandparticipation.net

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