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Collaborative Values and Principles: Guidance for Choosing Technological Tools

RESOLVE’s 2010 article provides guidance to mediators and facilitators who need to choose and use collaborative tech tools to increase partnerships and consensus building.

New technological tools provide us with powerful and promising new ways of working. To fulfill their potential technological tools need to woven into the fabric of collaborative processes and goals. To use these technological tools responsibly, professional mediators and facilitators need to use them in accordance with the guiding principles of collaborative processes. To integrate technologic tools into the collaborative process the mediator should assess the contexts for the issues and articulate process goals before selecting the specific tools to use. Without attending to goals and context, technological tools can be expensive, distracting, or inefficient. With attention to goals and context, technological tools can expand participants’ abilities to engage one another meaningfully in plans, decisions, and solutions.

Download at http://www.resolv.org/publications/reports/Collaborative_Values_and_Principles-Guidance_for_Choosing_Collaborative_Tactics_and_Tools.pdf

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