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Resource Guide on Public Engagement

Resource Guide ImageNCDD’s October 2010 Resource Guide on Public Engagement showcases the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation’s best collaboratively-created products (like the Core Principles for Public Engagement and the Engagement Streams Framework), as well as recognizing and directing you to a lot of the great work on public engagement that has been done by others in our field.

Created for our 2010 regional events (all attendees received a copy), this must-have guidebook was developed to share stories and resources with the dialogue and deliberation community, public managers, and anyone else with an interest in public engagement.

Here’s how the Engaging Cities blog described the Resource Guide:

It’s a small compendium full of valuable knowledge on all facets of public engagement.  Not only does the guide contain a directory of valuable resources, points of contact, and case studies of collaborations that work, but it also contains some of the more exciting results of last year’s conferences.  Items such as the ‘Core Principles for Public Engagement’ remind us of how far we’ve come, the commonality of our goals and how much more we have yet to achieve.

The brief ‘Online Engagement’ section of the manual is a fantastic introduction and database of resources, including Public Agenda’s Promising Practices to Online Engagement that we helped write.  And the ‘Upgrading the Way We Do Politics’ portion of the manual addresses common issues found when politics and public engagement intersect.

Handling the material in a constructive manner, NCDD provides helpful tips and positive suggestions for improvement.  Extremely informative, the ‘Engagement Streams’ matrix ties common goals of public engagement to strategies that complement those goals in proven ways while also showcasing key features that will help in achieving that goal.  The matrix is invaluable for anyone involved in public outreach.  In fact, the entire manual is invaluable for anyone involved in public outreach and engagement.

Thank you to our 2010 Events Sponsors!

Appreciation to our All-Star (national) Sponsors for NCDD’s 2010 Events – as well as all of our local sponsors and partners for each event – for making it possible for us to create and print this publication:

Free Download

Download the Resource Guide here: http://www.ncdd.org/files/NCDD2010_Resource_Guide.pdf


Feel free to use and share the data in the Guide widely. Please cite in publications as:

Resource Guide on Public Engagement (2010), page __. National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation. https://ncdd.org/rc/pe-resource-guide

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