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International Peace & Security Institute

The International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) empowers the next generation of peacemakers. Founded on the core belief that education can mitigate violent conflict, IPSI facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills to a global audience from the world’s premier political leaders, academic experts, practitioners, and advocates.

The Institute develops comprehensive training programs, advances scholarly research, and promotes efforts to raise public awareness of peace and security issues. In all of its ventures, IPSI supports social entrepreneurs, including program alumni, who generate innovative projects to positively impact their communities and the world. Through the combination of educational training and material assistance, the Institute speeds the development of future peace and security leaders and encourages the creation of sustainable initiatives.

Flagship Programs:  Peace & Security Symposiums

In partnership with premier centers of higher education, IPSI facilitates month-long intensive trainings where world leaders personally convey their knowledge and expertise to carefully-selected participants. These leaders develop hands-on curricula based on personal experience and seamlessly blend theory and practical skills to enlighten our diverse student body. Those future leaders selected to attend Peace & Security Symposiums include students from across the spectrum of gender, ethnicity, religion, geography, and political ideology. Diversity is critical, as our programs emphasize the importance of peer learning and networking.

In our Symposiums, IPSI fosters an environment where students from opposing factions can safely grapple with difficult issues in consultation with their peers and leaders that are at the forefront of the global peace and security field. Participants graduate with practical skills that enable them to positively confront violent conflict; they also gain a global network of peers and experts committed to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

IPSI is predicated on five core values:

  1. That pragmatic solutions exist to all violent conflicts irrespective of complexity or scale.
  2. That the next generation of global peace and security leaders must be educated in the arts of negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution to address violent conflict at all levels of society.
  3. That the most effective way to educate future leaders to tackle the momentous global issues on the horizon is through intensive trainings in core theory and practice led by the peace and security field’s current leaders.
  4. That IPSI alumni who creatively address primary drivers of conflict through new and pioneering ideas should be nurtured, supported, and learned from.
  5. That peace and security leaders must free themselves from grant dependency through incorporating aspects of social entrepreneurship in their ventures.

Learn more at www.IPSInstitute.org.

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