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Endorsers of the Core Principles for Public Engagement

We were thrilled at the amount of involvement AND the amount of support the Core Principles for Public Engagement project received from our community. The following organizations and individuals have endorsed the collaboratively-created Core Principles for Public Engagement. Email Sandy Heierbacher, NCDD’s Director, at sandy@thataway.org, if you or your organization would like to endorse the principles as well.

View the Core Principles at www.ncdd.org/pep or download the full PDF principles document, which includes details about how the principles were developed, a partial list of endorsing organizations, and expanded text outlining what each of the 7 principles looks like and what practitioners and leaders should avoid.

Endorsing Organizations

Individual Endorsements (organizational affiliation for purposes of identification only)

  • Jeffrey Abelson, Filmmaker, Song of a Citizen
  • Thomas F. Bangasser, Vashon College and Bangasser & Associates, Inc.
  • Ronny Barkay, Professional Group Facilitator
  • Erik Bergrud, Director, International Center for Civic Engagement and Special Assistant to the President for University Projects on Civic Engagement, Park University
  • Laura W. Black, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Communication Studies at Ohio University
  • Joop Boukes, joopboukes.nl (dialogue organization in The Netherlands)
  • Beatrice Briggs, Director of International Institute for Facilitation and Change
  • Barbara A Brown, Co-Director, Laboratory for Deliberative Dialogue
  • Juanita Brown, Co-Founder, The World Café
  • Martín Carcasson, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Center for Public Deliberation, Colorado State University
  • Millicent Carvalho, Ph.D., Executive Director, Pennsylvania Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc.
  • Aleco Christakis, President of CWA Ltd (www.CWALtd.wetpaint.com)
  • LaVonna Connelly, Large System Social Worker
  • John Dedrick, Vice President & Program Director, Charles F. Kettering Foundation
  • Mayor Kai Degner, City of Harrisonburg
  • James M. Dubinsky, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships at Virginia Tech
  • Anita C. Fonte, PhD., Principal Consultant at Community Renaissance
  • Archon Fung, Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Citizenship, JFK School of Government at Harvard University
  • Colin G. Gallagher, RPCV, Executive Master of Public Administration (ASPA, NCDD)
  • Nancy J. H. Gansneder, Ed.D, Director, Academy for Civic Renewal at the University of Virginia
  • Cynthia Gibson, Ph.D., Owner, Cynthesis Consulting
  • Kaliya Hamlin, Unconference Designer & Facilitator, unconference.net
  • Leilani Rashida Henry, CEO, Being & Living Enterprises, LTD.
  • Jerry D. Hill, Director, All American Network
  • Becky Hirst, Owner, Becky Hirst Consulting
  • Sandra S. Hodge, Ph.D., Director, Community Deliberation Program, University of Missouri Extension
  • Les Ihara, Jr., Hawaii State Senator
  • Emily Jenke, Community Engagement & Facilitation Specialist
  • Myriam Laberge, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and Principal, Breakthroughs UNLIMITED Inc.
  • Dr. Roz Leppington, Assistant Professor, James Madison University School of Communication Studies
  • Susan Levin, Founder of Dialogue for Solutions
  • Peter Levine, Director, CIRCLE at Tufts University
  • Annie Loyd, Professional Facilitator and Speaker
  • Nancy Margulies, World Cafe Host, Facilitator and Graphic Recorder
  • Noëlle McAfee, Associate Research Professor of Philosophy and Conflict Analysis, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University
  • MaryElizabeth Merritt, Ph.D., Founding Director of Four Winds, Inc.
  • Phil Neisser, Professor, SUNY Potsdam Department of Politics
  • Leanne Nurse, member of the Board of Directors, National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation
  • Susan Partnow, Owner, Partnow Communications
  • David B. Patton, Associate Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University Extension
  • William Potapchuk, President, Community Building Institute
  • Judith Richardson, President of PONO Consultants International, Inc.
  • Brad Rourke, Independent Consultant
  • Christine Whitney Sanchez, Founder of Collaborative Wisdom & Strategy
  • Rosalind Spigel, MSOD, Organization Development Consultant, Change At Work
  • Sami Sunchild, Ph.D., Owner, Red Victorian Peace Center
  • Najeeba Syeed-Miller, member of the Board of Directors, National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation
  • Arian Ward, CEO and Principal Facilitator of Community Frontiers
  • Carol Warkoczewski, Owner, Synergy Builders

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