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Pan European eParticipation Network (PEP-NET)

PEP-NET is a European network of all stakeholders active in the field of eParticipation, including public bodies, solution providers and citizen organizations as well as researchers and scientists. We are open to all organizations willing and actively trying to advance eParticipation in Europe.

The project was initially funded by the European Commission with the aim of promoting best practice exchange and connecting established and experienced eParticipation players and networks throughout Europe. By doing so, we aimed to achieve a critical mass. PEP-NET continues to act as a repository and disseminator of good practice, and a visible resource for all interested parties across the European Union.

PEP-NET ensures wider access to European eParticipation projects and permits more effective dialogue between eParticipation experts, researchers, practitioners, public administrations, civil society organisations and the public with the ultimate goal of facilitating knowledge transfer, encouraging further eParticipation trials and establishing European leadership in this field. To do so, PEP-NET seeks to showcase participatory technologies “in action” by leveraging the full potential of popular Web 2.0 and 3.0 tools.

The project is coordinated by TuTech Innovation GmbH.

TuTech Innovation GmbH was formed in 1992 as the first private technology transfer company founded by a German university. Together with its sister company Hamburg Innovation, it serves all Hamburg’s universities in technology transfer and industrial liaison matters. In the last ten years TuTech has been involved in dozens of research and development projects funded by the European Commission, in many of them as coordinator and lead partner. The department of Interactive Communication (IK) specialises in the conception and implementation of Internet-based interactive applications and new media research focusing on electronic participation, online communities and eLearning. The department has been and continues to be involved in research and development or market validation projects funded under different EU programmes such as FP 5 (DEMOS), preparatory action of the EU eParticipation initiative (LexiPation) and eTEN (TELL-ME).

TUTECH/IK has seven years of experience in conceptualising and implementing online consultations, e.g. on behalf of the cities of Hamburg and Munich (Germany), Bologna and Massa (Italy) and Thessaloniki (Greece).

Resource Link: http://pep-net.eu/

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