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Bereavement Support Groups: Breathing Life into Stories of the Dead

Bereavement Support Groups: Breathing Life into Stories of the Dead is a must-read for therapists, grief counselors, facilitators, and anyone who has lost a loved one. This book fills the gap between the challenges to conventional grief psychology and the practice of bereavement counseling. The deceased person has often been left behind in counseling conversations, requiring the bereaved to distance themselves from honoring memories that could soothe their heartache. Ironically, the stories about the dead person have not featured prominently in the grief experience.

The book offers a structured guide for facilitating bereavement support groups, but is intended as more than a simple “how to” book. It will also inspire readers with invigorating practice ideas. This new way of thinking includes the stories and love that remain after death. Here is a model for folding the deceased person’s values, legacies, meanings, and connections into the lives of the living. The book shows how to utilize the metaphorical presence of the deceased, accessed through stories, actions and rituals, to affirm the relationship with the deceased as more than a lost memory to be shelved next to dusty old photo albums.

About the Author:
Dr. Lorraine Hedtke teaches about death, dying and bereavement throughout the world. Her unique ideas and practices are drawn from narrative therapy and represent a departure from the conventional models of grief psychology. Her articles have appeared in numerous professional journals and magazines. With John Winslade, she has co-authored Remembering Lives: Conversations with the Dying and the Bereaved (Baywood, 2004). Her children’s book, My Grandmother is Always with Me (Xlibris 2005), is written with her daughter, Addie. For additional information about her innovative work or to contact her, go to www.rememberingpractices.com.

Resource Link: http://www.taosinstitute.net/bereavement-support-groups

Submitted by Dawn Dole of the Taos Institute (an NCDD organizational member) via the Add-A-Resource form at www.ncdd.org/rc/add.

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