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Why Elections Are the Problem and How to Make Democracy Real

Why Elections Are the Problem and How to Make Democracy Real is a 10,000 word essay by David Grant of Common Lot Productions available though the Amazon.com’s Kindle service (paid and free versions), and includes footnotes, links, bibliography, information on how to hold a workshop, and access to other goods and services. It reflects upon how the lessons from the first democracy might be used to develop a ‘legislative jury’ capable of truly representing all citizens without regard to party affiliation, financial status or any ideology other than fair play.

“Representative democracy is in crisis. Legislatures do not accurately reflect all sectors of society. Ordinary citizens should have more say than merely pulling a ballot lever once every few years.  A government that is merely ‘for’ the people is not any longer good enough. It is time to institute a government that is also ‘by’ and ‘of’ the people.  The original Athenian democracy used a method altogether different than elections to select its officials. They used the system now used to select citizens for jury duty.”

Those who do not own a Kindle device can read this essay from a variety of Apps designed for Kindle. These include Kindle Cloud Reader and Kindle Applications for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7.

Resource Link:  http://www.Amazon.com/dp/B0081H7JVC

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