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IFVP Map of Visual Practitioners

The International Forum of Visual Practitioners has a wonderful map of their members that anyone can access!  Looking for a graphic recorder for an upcoming conference or event?  Click on the state you’re holding your event in and see who’s nearby.  You’ll find their contact info, website address, bio, and more.

Those of you who have attended NCDD conferences know that we rely on graphic recorders to bring the ideas that germinate at our conferences to life.  You can see a nice overview of how we’ve used graphic recording at our events (most notably, the amazing 5-person graphic recording team from our 2008 national conference in Austin) at www.ncdd.org/events/arts.

IFVP is an emerging grassroots network of diverse practitioners who use visual methods to assist learning and communication between groups and individuals.

In our ranks we have facilitators, trainers, scribes, consultants of many types, community leaders, artists, designers and different kinds of performers. Generally we work with groups or in some setting where groups of people are coming together to do talk, think and collaborate. We assist people in thinking, or as one of the early pioneers in our field likes to say, we “help people SEE what they mean”.

Brandy Agerbeck Scribes the History of IFVP

Image:  IFVP member Brandy Agerbeck creates a visual chart on the history of the organization.

As Visual Practitioners we weave a graphic component into our work. We literally draw information out of people, functioning as facilitators and scribes to get the wisdom of groups into a tangible form. Some of us use visual presentations to “PUSH” information to people. Other use a “PULL” approach, gathering the information that is pulled out of people, into graphic displays or renderings. Whatever approach is used, the artifacts that are created have a very graphic or visual nature.

Some of these materials are very large (such as when graphic recorders or graphic facilitators use large wall size sheets of poster paper to capture the thinking of groups). Other materials are smaller in scope (such as the poster board displays that the information architects and designers in our midst use).

Many of these materials are later formatted into handy digital versions (the arrival of digital cameras has made the reproduction end of our work easier, faster and more cost effective than methods of even a few years ago).

Looking for a visual practitioner outside of the U.S.?  Check out the global map at http://ifvpcommunity.ning.com/page/geographic-directory.

Resource Link: http://ifvpcommunity.ning.com/page/geographic-directory-usa

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