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Karina Mullen, Graphic Recorder and Facilitation

Karina Mullen is a visual facilitator and graphic recorder based in Fort Collins, Colorado. “Visual facilitation” is a method of visual note-taking; simply put, Karina listens to your group talk and captures key ideas from the conversation/meeting/presentation/etc. She uses hand-drawn images and text to make a large map of your ideas in real-time.


Using graphic recording helps the group synthesize information, facilitates collaboration, creative thinking, and brings energy to the group. Complex systems are visualized and the conversation is organized so that you can free your mind from keeping track of details and to the solution-making and innovative thinking.

These graphics are an engaging way to:

  • Keep the conversation going after an event
  • Synthesize share the key ideas from a complex conversation
  • Pitch a proposal
  • Teach a new concept
  • See a different way to approach a challenge
  • Gather and integrate feedback
  • See systems and how moving parts are connected
  • Get a group on the same page quickly
  • Energize and have fun with your group!

Karina was a member of the graphic recording team at NCDD’s 2012 conference in Seattle. She has also worked with the United Nations Environmental Program, TEDxCSU, the National Park Service, the Place-Based Climate Change Education Partnership, the Center for Public Deliberation and several international academic conferences across northern Colorado

Resource Link: www.ConverSketch.com

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  1. Karina Mullen Says:

    Please call us at 303-718-4541 or email us through our website http://www.ConverSketch.com for more information about how to bring graphic recording and visual facilitation to your event!