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Citizens, Deliberation, and the Practice of Democracy: A Triptych from the Kettering Review

This 216-page publication (2012), edited by Robert Kingston, brings together writing by 19 leading thinkers on the contemporary challenges of democracy. These provocative essays, first published in three issues of the Kettering Review to celebrate 25 years of the National Issues Forums, challenge readers to rethink conventional notions of democracy, public deliberation, and citizenship.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in community organizing, political theory, and public practice, the articles and authors include:

  • “Civic Schizophrenia: The Free Consumer and the Free Citizen in a Free-Market Society,” Benjamin R. Barber
  • “Breaking the Silence,” Harry C. Boyte
  • “Journalism and Public Knowledge,” Cole C. Campbell
  • “Democracy as a Moral Ideal,” Vincent Colapietro
  • “Toward a Democratic Culture,” Ernesto Cortes Jr.
  • “The Times, Are They a’Changin’?,” John Doble
  • “Sustaining Democracy,” Lani Guinier
  • “Beyond National Democracy,” Daniel Kemmis
  • “Learning and Democracy: Civic Education,” Peter Levine
  • “Self-Interest in Deliberation,” Jane Mansbridge
  • “. . . afterthoughts,” David Mathews
  • “The Myth of Democracy and the Limits of Deliberation,” Noëlle McAfee
  • “Facing the Challenges of Emerging Democracies,” Randa Slim
  • “Neither Mission Impossible nor Mission Accomplished: Democracy as Public Experiment,” John J. Stuhr
  • “The Next Big Step in Deliberative Democracy,” Daniel Yankelovich, Steven Rosell, Heidi Gantwerk, and Will Friedman
  • “De-centering Deliberative Democracy,” Iris Marion Young

Resource Link: http://kettering.org/publications/citizens-deliberation-practice/

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