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Terrorism: What Should We Do Now? (NIF Report)

This is a report about 2003 National Issues Forums where citizens deliberated about the issue of what to do about terrorism. The forums involved nearly 2,000 people in 40 states around the country. Analysis of what happened in those forums was conducted by Doble Research Associates, a public interest consulting firm, and is presented in this report. Find more details & order info on the NIF website. From the report…

As the forums began and forum participants approached the issue, many shared their experiences: where they had been on September 11, how they heard the news, and whether they, their family members, or friends had been near one of the sites. A man at a forum in Hempstead, New York, said: “My daughter was in Tower One and still hasn’t fully recovered.” Others talked about their visits to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or to Israel during one of the suicide bombings. Implying that it could have happened to her, a South Dakotan said she had flown to New York City two days before 9/11. A fair number of people who came were Muslims and Middle Easterners, and they described the attack’s impact in terms of profiling and prejudice. Some talked about the impact in terms of missed flights, airport delays, and civil liberties, while others said they had friends or family members in military service. Indeed, virtually none of the citizens who participated in any of the forums was totally untouched by the issue.

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Resource Link: www.nifi.org/en/issue-guide/terrorism

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