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Mission Uncertain: Reassessing America’s Global Role (NIF Report)

This 1996 report assembled by Doble Research Associates looks at the results from forums examining the United States’ role on the international stage.  Find more details & order info on the NIF website.  From the report…

This year, one of the issues that citizens discussed was Mission Uncertain: Reassessing America’s Global Role. In these forums, participants rejected a return to isolation as unrealistic and unwise. But at the same time, they were reluctant to see the U.S. get involved in international conflicts, felt that domestic needs should get a higher priority, looked for greater international support from other countries and favored a multilateral response to foreign conflicts. As the world’s only superpower, participants felt the U.S. must take the lead in response to international crises but they’re aware of the lessons of Vietnam. They expressed a pragmatic, cautious willingness to shoulder the special burdens that go with being the strongest nation in the world.

More about National Issues Forums and their Reports on the Issues…

The National Issues Forums (NIF) network includes civic, educational, and other organizations, and individuals, whose common interest is to promote public deliberation in America. NIF issue guides introduce participants to several choices or approaches to consider. Rather than conforming to any single public proposal, each choice reflects widely held concerns and principles. Panels of experts review manuscripts to make sure the choices are presented accurately and fairly. Look through all the NIF issue guides and their corresponding moderator guides, DVDs, and other resources at www.nifi.org/issue_books.

Reports are published periodically to communicate the outcomes of forums held across the nation about a particular issue. Making use of participants’ answers to forum questionnaires, reports from moderators, and in-depth studies of selected forums, these reports describe in some detail what happened as people deliberated about the issue at hand. View all NIF Reports on the Issues at www.nifi.org/reports/issues.aspx.

Resource Link: www.nifi.org/reports/detail_issues.aspx?catID=17&itemID=778

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