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Anne M Jess -The Doodle Biz, Graphic Recorder

Anne M. Jess is a graphic recorder based in Seattle. She has been practicing the art of Graphic Recording since 2006. During that time, she received her MA in Organizational Design and Renewal from Seattle University, has run workshops for the American Society of Trainers and Developers, and has created beautiful records of meetings and vision gatherings for groups such as the Seattle School District, the Hanford Challenge, Senior Services of Seattle, and others.  Here is Ann’s description of her work:

Have you ever sat through a meeting or presentation that left you wondering “what was that all about”? Or, took pages of notes that never see the light of day? Sometimes, listening or watching slides or even taking notes just doesn’t provide the “stickiness” factor.

This is where I come in. I create “in the moment” large-scale visuals that capture the essence of what’s happening in the room. I listen for the key points; I analyze and synthesize; I use colors, images, and yes, even words, to create something that provides the stickiness factor that everyone is looking for.

You will be amazed. You and your colleagues (even those who aren’t at the event) will use the charts to continue the conversation, to explain what happened, to show what the plans are, to encourage and excite others to move a vision forward with clarity and purpose and action.

I suggest that visuals are worth more than a thousand words, because visuals will help your message and your ideas stick long after your words have faded.

I create visuals for moving your group forward with clarity, purpose and action.

Resource Link: www.TheDoodleBiz.com

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  1. Janna Stewart Says:

    Anne just completed her graphic work at a four day conference on the environment in Anchorage, Alaska. I was initially very skeptical when I saw her large paper easels. By the end of the conference, during which she “illustrated” probably a dozen or more significant presentations, I had become a deeply impressed admirer of her work. She produced remarkable illustrations documenting presentations on numerous complex technical subjects. She clearly identified the essential points and interrelated themes in each session and translated them onto large, colorful, well balanced and very attractive wall-sized illustrations. These were not merely pretty pictures; they were graphic depictions of the issues, themes, and interrelationships in each session. Her command of both the substantive information and the visual representations was astounding. I am a lawyer, usually not appreciative of graphic arts or design, but Anne’s skills and products have changed my perspective completely. I can think of numerous topics, trainings, conferences, and presentations I’ve seen or offered in the past that would have been hugely improved by her efforts.