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Civic Fusion: Mediating Polarized Public Disputes

Civic Fusion: Mediating Polarized Public Disputes by Susan Podziba, a public policy mediator and principal of Susan Podziba & Associates,” offers proven strategies for moving polarized parties to consensus solutions based on the author’s 25 years of mediation experience, including working with pro-life and pro-choice leaders to change the rhetoric of the abortion debate.”

Civic Fusion occurs when people with passionately different interests and positions bond to address common public goals without sacrificing core values. The book includes stories of the abortion talks as well as regulatory negotiations that resulted in consensus worker safety standards for construction cranes and a charter consensus process that helped a failed city reclaim its democracy, drawing on these experiences to illustrate how to design and manage complex negotiation processes to assist disparate groups in reaching agreements on complicated public policy questions. (Published by the American Bar Association Book Publishing Co, Inc.)

Susan Podziba, a public policy mediator and principal of Susan Podziba & Associates, says this about her book…

I initially began the process of writing this book more than ten years ago in an effort to make sense of the paradoxical unity I perceived among pro-life and pro-choice leaders. My hope now is that it will contribute to mending the tear in our social and political fabric, particularly as we begin a debate over gun control after the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To get a better sense of of Susan’s concepts of civic fusion check out the video below which provides “highlights from the Abortion Talks that occurred among leaders of the Massachusetts Pro-Life and Pro-Choice leaders after fatal shootings at two women’s health clinics, interspersed with excerpts from Susan Podziba’s lecture on the subject of her new book, Civic Fusion”. (via  on Vimeo)

Resource Link:  www.civicfusionbook.com

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