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A Conversation About Conflict

Search for Common Ground’s “Conversations About Conflict” are 1.5- to 2-hour workshops that can be run for any given audience interested in conflict resolution. The purpose of the Conversation is to help people develop a new awareness of conflicts in our lives – how we currently respond to them, what they cost us, and the alternative approaches that can be used to deal with them in a more constructive manner. SFCG offers a dialogue guide and other resources to help you lead Conversations About Conflict.

Conversations about Conflict have been hosted on University Campuses, in Churches, schools and community mediation centers across the United States.

Conversation about Conflict is not a training course, it is simply a conversation. The facilitator engages the audience with a set of challenging questions and a few propositions. The resulting dialogue is shaped by the insights and experiences of the participants. The format can be adapted to meet different needs and circumstances, the ideal size of the group is 15.

This program emerged from Search for Common Ground’s “Common Ground Partnership,” which was launched in 2002.

SFCG developed several useful resources to help people high-quality Conversations about Conflict…

If you have questions about this material, need some guidance in facilitating the Conversation, or would like to partner with SFCG on this initiative or host a Conversation, you are encouraged to contact Carole Frampton, Outreach Director, at cframpton@sfcg.org.

Resource Link: www.sfcg.org/resources/training/resources_conversation.html

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