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agreedis-logoAgreedis.org is an online deliberation tool launched on March 1, 2013 designed to break down issues into relevant parts and present these elements as action items to participants who evaluate the items and determine their importance or relavance to potential solutions. As described by the tool’s creator…

At Agreedis, we started with one simple question: How do you bring together millions of people together with vastly different opinions and compel them to agree on compromise solutions?

The Agreedis model is to break down major problems into categories, and then propose action items which can be implemented to solve each aspect of the problem. Participants then score each action item based on whether they believe that action item should be part of the solution. Participants can also rank the categories to indicate which are the most important to them.

A “solution” is simply a list of action items that should be implemented together to solve the problem. Based on analysis of the data, Agreedis will create potential compromise solutions. Participants may also suggest their own compromise solutions. Our algorithms then determine which solutions a person is willing to accept and, more importantly, which solutions they might be willing to accept in the name of compromise.

Compromise is a process though. So Agreedis does not try to determine the final compromise solutions in one step. Instead, the Agreedis process gradually brings people together to agree on as few solutions as possible. From the combined efforts of people and algorithms, the process continues until a solution is found that the majority of people are willing to accept in the name of compromise.

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