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Peacebuilders is a youth focused, not-for- profit, charitable organization based in Toronto, Canada. Peacebuilders was established to improve the lives of youth, by providing them with appropriate access to justice so that they are empowered to overcome personal challenges and are able to realize their full potential. The mission of Peacebuilders is to support youth and adults to manage conflict through Peacebuilding Circles. Peacebuilders programs not only help to keep young people in school and out of the criminal justice system, but also help to foster resilient young leaders who see the value in contributing and giving back to their communities.

Since its inception in 2002, Peacebuilders has addressed and prevented youth conflict, violence and bullying and helped youth build personal capacity, through restorative Peacebuilding Circle dialogues. Our programs have led to the very first restorative justice clinic in the city of Toronto, at the Youth Court at 311 Jarvis Street, as well as partnerships with schools, jails and other community organizations.

Resource Link: www.peacebuilders.ca

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