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Citizen participation in challenging contexts: Logolink 10 years, 10 countries, 10 organizations

This 2012 publication on citizen participation, local governance and deepening democracy is the product of a collaborative research carried out during an 18-month systematization project. It consolidates the knowledge produced and disseminated by LogoLink, the Learning Initiative on Citizen Participation and Local Governance, over the past 10 years on these themes.

During the 1990s, civil society mobilizations took place in many countries in a backdrop of transition from authoritarian to democratic governance regimes. At the time, regional and international networks committed to deepening democracy and social justice set an agenda facing authoritarian and centralist structures of government, and demanded de- centralization, democracy, citizen participation, and social control of public policies.

Nowadays, citizen participation and social control are terms esteemed, widely accepted and employed by various political and social actors. But it has not always been so. This publication offers an insightful and critical analysis of citizen participation and social control in the Americas, Africa and Asia, in the last 10 years. It brings to light challenging processes of democratization and decentralization at the local level across the globe. Each chapter was written by a partner organization of LogoLink.

Resource Link: www.logolink.org/index.php/related/resources/660

Download directly at: www.logolink.org/index.php/resource/download/813

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