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Centre for Public Involvement

The Centre for Public Involvement was proposed in 2009 as a unique partnership between the City of Edmonton and University of Alberta. It was proposed in response to a demonstrated and recognized need for decision-makers and the public to actively seek, consider and apply the most effective means for public involvement. The collaboration is designed to advance research and learning in the area of public involvement, with the objective of enhanced decision-making at all levels. The organization and governance framework established by the partnering organizations draws on the unique expertise of each, establishing an environment where creative cooperation facilitates public involvement results beyond what is possible via single entity endeavours.

Core Services

The Centre for Public Involvement is more than academics, technocrats and bureaucrats – it is community based research, a “living lab”, with the synergistic benefits that result. The Centre is designed to contribute to public involvement through theory, policy and practice, influencing the sate of the filed through the probision of the following core services:

  • Research and Applied Learning
  • Knowledge Mobilization
  • Process Design and Impact Assessment
  • Education and Training
  • Project Management
  • Partnership Development

Get Involved

The Centre will exemplify discovery learning by offering experiential and innovative learning opportunities to enhance the experience of students at all levels within the University. The Centre will provide extensive opportunities for graduate researchers and has employed two to date through Centre projects. The Centre will also develop internships or practicum opportunities in the area of public involvement. The Centre has already implemented one internship with an undergraduate student with the City of Edmonton Mayor’s Task Force on Community Sustainability. Undergraduate and graduate students will have unique opportunities to directly learn about the theory and practice of public involvement through research assistantships and other learning opportunities.

“The Centre was a great learning opportunity and will be for a wide variety of students. The underlying theory and practice of public involvement is central to such a diversity of work environments that the opportunities to engage students from numerous disciplines and with different interests are excellent. The major benefit of the Centre could be developing projects on which students, who normally may not become involved in community placement options, are given the chance to become more involved and learn many skills that will be useful and transferable in their future.”

– Jon Weller, Undergraduate Intern, 2011

Resource Link: www.centreforpublicinvolvement.com

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