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Connections 2012: Educating for Democracy

Connections is a yearly periodical published by the Kettering Foundation featuring articles devoted to a theme. Each issue of the foundation’s annual newsletter focuses on a particular area of Kettering’s research and contains articles, feature stories, and book reviews relevant to the foundation’s work. Editing responsibilities for Connections rotate among Kettering program staff.

The 2012 edition shares “Stories of Innovation in Higher Education“.  Below is an excerpt from the introduction…

Kettering has been studying the impact that institutions of higher education are having on the problems of democracy for some time. We began our research by looking at the curriculum. Many subjects, specifically the liberal arts or humanities, were to prepare young people for their role in democracy. We worked with faculty members who were trying to return the liberal arts to their historical mission as civic arts. Some feared that mission is being obscured or lost.

We found allies who shared our concerns in the Association of American Colleges and Universities and its company of scholars who produced the landmark report A Crucible Moment, as well as in crusading faculty members who have a passion for bringing civic engagement into liberal arts education. We are returning to this arena to see what has happened since we did the initial studies. We are also looking at all disciplines and professional studies to see what they imply about democratic citizenship.

– David Mathews, President of the Kettering Foundation

…along with the contents of the newsletter…

Contents of the 2012 Edition

Reviewing Kettering Foundation Studies of the Role of Higher Education in American Democracy
David Mathews

Higher Education and Our Collective Future: Where Do Citizens Stand?
Jean Johnson

College Students and Politics: Fed Up or Fired Up?
Jack Becker, Danielle Desjardins, Dwitiya Jawher Neethi, and Alice Diebel

Reimagining the Civic Life of Non-College-Bound Youth
Wanda Madison Minor

Living Democracy: From Service Learning to Political Engagement
Alexandra Robinson

Deliberative Pedagogy: An Education that Matters
Joni Doherty

The Civic Arts: A Conversation with Bernie Murchland
Interviewed by Keith Melville

Community Colleges and the Work of Democracy
Bernie Ronan

Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Civic Aspirations of Faculty
Claire Snyder-Hall

Turning the Tide on Poverty: Shifting the University-Community Relationship through Cooperative Extension
Alice Diebel

A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy’s Future
David W. McIvor

This edition of their annual newsletter is currently available as both a free download and in print (also free with shipping) from the Kettering Foundation website.

Resource Link: www.kettering.org/periodicals/connections-2012/

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