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CommunityMatters: Connecting Community, Activating Change

CM_logo-200pxThis 46-page report from the CommunityMatters partner organizations shares resources and highlights from sessions run by each of the partners (including NCDD) in February 2013 for a day-long workshop for local leaders in Newport, Vermont. The workshop focused on tools and techniques to encourage broad citizen participation, improve local decision-making, and to help Newport leaders work together to build civic infrastructure in their rapidly developing town.

In conjunction with our local host, Newport City Renaissance Corporation, the workshop convened representatives of Newport’s local government, business community, non-profit sector, service clubs, and community volunteers to develop a framework for action to improve community decision-making and problem-solving.

The report shares resources and highlights from workshop discussions run by each of the partners to assist the local community in taking action together to steward change in Newport — which is why it can serve as a primer of sorts on building civic infrastructure in communities. It offers more specific thoughts from Newport residents on the community’s assets as well as steps that Newport could take to ensure a stronger future.

CommunityMatters partner organizations include: Deliberative Democracy Consortium, Grassroots Grantmakers, National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, New America Foundation, Orton Family Foundation, Project for Public Spaces, and Strong Towns. The CommunityMatters partners share the belief that people have the power to solve their community’s problems and direct future growth and change.

CommunityMatters helps cities and towns steward change by fostering what we call “civic infrastructure.” Civic infrastructure consists of the opportunities, activities and arenas, both online and face-to-face, that allow people to connect with each other, solve problems, make decisions and celebrate community. There is no prescription for what strong civic infrastructure looks like – there is no silver bullet. Instead, we offer a diverse set of tools and resources that communities can adapt to best serve their local culture.

Resource Link: http://tinyurl.com/pn3ov24

(Full link is www.communitymatters.org/sites/default/files/image_uploads/CommunityMatters%20Newport%20Vermont%20Report%20Feb2013.pdf)

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