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Life Diagrams

Submitted to NCDD by Scott Ranville, President of HLP (Human Life Project). Scott can be contacted at scottranville at humanlifeproject dot com.

A life diagram is a graphic snapshot of the most significant days and events of your life. Children and adults are encouraged to make a life diagram and revisit it every few years. For parents, this could be an instrumental tool to understand your child’s current perspective. Adults and teens should gain a greater awareness of important relationships and experiences as well as the impact over time.

We have found that this is a great tool to get adults to start telling their story. For example, I found out more about my 90 year old grandfather in 45 min. of filling in a life diagram than in 30 years of weekly family gatherings.

The Life Diagrams can be extended to groups as small as a dating couple to as large as a project for a team building effort for a company. This should also work for collecting feedback from the community from community events.

Resource Link: http://humanlifeproject.com/diagrams.htm

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